4’33” (side b or a) John Cage’s silence piece
Esteban Sanchez
Performance 2 – 4 3́ 3 ́ ́ (side B or A) “A piece with and for a mushroom”(4min 33sec)

When I think of silence, I can’t stop painting pictures in my imagination. For me, silence was always the most important element of all the features that sound is made up of. Silence was always much stronger than the fiercest howl, the quietest whispering, the deepest breath. Silence has always told me everything without using a single word. Thinking of it for four minutes and thirty-three seconds is an homage to everyone who is clinging on to our past, to those who are still in the present and others who look to the future. This performance is made up of every single one of us, we who wait in silence, we who think about life and we who let ourselves be, like this wind that caresses us gently while passing by.