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BOOM FREQUENCY – Concert for organ and pyrotechnics

Performance St. Peter, Cologne, July 2015

Lea Letzel
Dominik Sustan, Organ

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Klangobjekt und Konzert
Soundobject and Concert

Yoonji Kim, 2015/2016, Dauer: ca. 20 Min

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Schubladen – ein Konzert: ...
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Interaktive kinetische Klangobjekte und Performance
Interactive Kinetic Soundobjects and Performance

Yoonji Kim 2016, Dauer: ca. 20 Min.

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width: 660
Schlauchventilatoren: Kinetische ...
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Expandierende Einfachheit – Expanding Simplicity

Installation and video by Wonbaek Shin
0.15mm, 400m long enamelled copper wires
with 230v and a lightbulb for 6v in fractal form
Exhibition : Matjö - Raum für Kunst, Cologne, 2015

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Sonnenspuren – Traces of the Sun

walking with the time: drawings of sun temples
in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia

live-drawings, sculpture, video, book, panoramic
installation by Katharina Klemm KHM 2015

Artist book

In my artistic work one of my focusses is concerned with the various aspects of the sun as beeing a source of ...
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Landschaft – unser Seufzen gilt dem Schwund der Zeit
Landscape – our sigh marks the fading of time

video and sound installation by Chih-Ming Fan
5 channel video for 2 screens, 3 monitors and sound
exhibition St. Gertrud Cologne, 2014

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„The LIGETI Machine“

sound object and performance
by Youngjik Jung. Acht Brücken.
Musik für Köln, 2014

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Kenta Nakagawa

Installation and media scenography: a composition of light, haze, wind, multi layered screens and sound, St. Gertrud, Cologne, Sept. 2013

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Long Way Home

Katharina Klemm and Gerald Schauder

A narrative video-installation Academy of Media Arts Cologne/KHM 2012

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stroke city

liquid dance | dance paintings
Matthias Gerding

3D visualization of captured body movements, 2012

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Floating Point: 3D animated film

Arne Münch

computer generated animation based on visual captures and sound scapes, 2010

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„BOTANIQ“ – Diaries of the Unknown Interactor

Cabinet of Curiosities by Gabriel Vanegas

Interactive mixed media installation based on personal inquiries in art, 2011
„Transform documents into exeriences and vice versa“
Aby Warburg

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