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Panta Rhei

Exhibition cycle at the aquarius wassermuseum ⁄ RWE
8 installations&scenographies

Water ist the focus of the Aquarius Wassermuseum/Watermuseum situated in a restored historic water-tower close to Mülheim/Ruhr along the river Ruhr. Starting with the beauty and vital ...
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„Dance Video Dance“

Dance Video Dance is a compilation of short experimental videos that deal with rhythm, space, body language and audiovisual compositions.

IT NEVER WAS YOU, 2003 (4:00) by Sandeep Metha

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Semi-Opera by Henry Purcell
Intern. Shakespeare Festival
Globe Theatre, Neuss
dirctor: Nora Bauer | KHM 2007

First performed in 1691 KING ARTHUR is a typical example of the British Baroque: half opera and half drama. King Arthur and his opponent, Oswald, King of Saxon, fight for ...
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ClassicClips and Vjing
A Synthesis of Visual Design and
Classical Music
Intern. Beethoven Festival Bonn  2006

A joint project of the Video/Interactive Dramaturgies+Scenography, at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and the Bonn International Beethoven Festival

Is it possible to ...
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Brigitta Zics

a computer and networked based interactive installation, 2004

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compilation of short video clips
1998 - 2007

MusicBox is a compilation of short video clips mainly produced in the class of video|interactive media&scenography over the last years. MusicBox presents a wide range of creative and aesthetic approaches such as motion graphics, animation, ...