„BOTANIQ“ – Diaries of the Unknown Interactor

Cabinet of Curiosities by Gabriel Vanegas

Interactive mixed media installation based on personal inquiries in art, 2011
„Transform documents into exeriences and vice versa“
Aby Warburg

-Installation: Cabinet of Curiosities

-Conservation of Experiences with Media-art

-The Botaniq Community

„BOTANIQ – Cabinet of curiosities“ is an interactive video installation and exhibition space. Visitors can browse through personal diaries. These diaries are the result of a series of workshops led by Gabriel Vanegas inviting people to describe and reinterpret a work of art over a period of four days. Key results of the original diaries are exhibited in this cabinet of curiosities along with screens that show the video documentation of the workshops.

In addition Gabriel Vanegas published a book with all diaries. Key topics received a digital code that could be read by an infrared camera. While browsing through the book visitors triggerd lamps that shed light on page related surrounding exponats or triggerd parallel stories and interviews related to the readings.

See Video: Installation_Cabinet of Curiosities

„Botaniq“ is meant to be a part of an art database created by a public community that explores ways of archiving contemporary art through personal experiences in forms of diaries

See Video: ZKM_Conservation of Experiences with Media Art

It is planned that this community explores the problematics of cultural heritage facing archives of digital art, bio art, net art, performance and video art among other variations of intangible reality, where the artwork itself can’t be reconstructed due to technological changes or time related disappearance.

See Video: The Botaniq Community

Supervisor: Prof. Heide Hagebölling-Eisenbeis in cooperation with Prof. Peter Bexte, Dept. of Art and Media Studies,
, KHM 2011