„The LIGETI Machine“

sound object and performance
by Youngjik Jung. Acht Brücken.
Musik für Köln, 2014

Youngjik Jung explores the principles of György Ligeti’s compositions. The layering of tones that creates planes of sound as well as Liget’s micropolyphonic textures inspired his notation for music automats, the Ligeti Machines.

For this object Youngjik Jung is using 12 strings. Their single tones follow each other in different distances disregarding classic rules of rhythm and harmony. The result is a texture of tightly woven sounds where the single note fuses into a „carpet“ of sound.

A piece for music machines. The conductor pushes the red button…

The work was exhibited and performed in the frame of the „ACHT BRÜCKEN. Musik für Köln“-Festival / „EIGHT BRIDGES. Music for Cologne“-Festival. In 2014 „Puls/Pulse“ was the motto of the festival. In a wide range of contemporary music und ensembles the festival focussed on aspects dealing with the interrelation and tension between men and machine. Special emphasis was dedicated to the work of the Hungarian composer György Ligeti, whose compositions were characterized by beat and pulse.

Supervisor: Prof. Heide Hagebölling-Eisenbeis in cooperation with Eva-Maria Zimmermann, University of Music Cologne and the Kölner Philharmonie / Cologne Philharmony, KHM 2014