Laser-Kraken, light-parasites and other mutations

Tobias Dämgen

an alchemical media lab by Tobias Dämgen, 2011

„Laser-Kraken“ is characterized by an open and continual processes of development that resembles an experimental situation in a scientific lab.

Light devices and cybernetic objects spread like rhizomes. Structures grow, continue and alter in the act of performance. Tobias Dämgen is „planting“ a new environment that resembles a jungle where light objects and obscure constructions seem to flourish over night.

Tobias Dämgen explores the flexibility of the space-time-continuum. While using self constucted and reorganized apparatuses he builts multimedia environments for audio-visual real-time interactions.

Supervisor: Prof. Heide Hagebölling-Eisenbeis, Prof. Mischa Kuball
KHM 2011