„Dance Video Dance“

Dance Video Dance is a compilation of short experimental videos that deal with rhythm, space, body language and audiovisual compositions.

IT NEVER WAS YOU, 2003 (4:00) by Sandeep Metha

Music: Thomas Brinkmann
Performance: In Jung Jung, Geraldo Siz
The author and filmmaker tells the story of a young woman seeking for a romantic encounter and love. In poetic images he delineates her search while passing the night in the city. Moments of joy fade in the dawn of the new day. Time-laps filming transfoms the movements of the performer into a choreography of dance, time and space.
(Tutor/adviser: Prof. Dietrich Leder)

WORKOUT, 1999 (2:30) by Andreas Menn

“I want control over every pixel”. The media artist and designer Andreas Menn develops a rhythmic choreography of moving parts of his body dissolved, splitted and arranged in electronic images. The body transforms into fragments of the digital world.
(Tutor/Adviser: Prof. M. Graham-Smith, Prof. A. Henrich)

WORKING GIRL, 2004 (5:00) by Corine Stübi

Music: Amon Tobin
Working girls are automata, robots, clones whose destination is their job. Feminine jobs. But beneath their perfect surface and cliches lurk malfunctions, hysteria and obsessions. Be aware: working girls are naughty, intelligent and dangerous. Corine Stübi – media designer, artist, performer – develops a choreography of stereotyped behaviour and images. Her videoclip received several international acknowledements.
(Tutor/adviser: Prof. Heide Hagebölling, Frank Horlitz)

ROLL OVER EHRENFELD, 2002 (4:00) by Olaf Geuer

Music: Nonplace Urban Field
Strange public places downtown Cologne/Köln during night. Observed through the eye of a restless moving camera in search of secret icons, signs and locations. A dance and composition of visual impressions, design, sound and electronic art. Internationally screened.
(Tutor/adviser: Prof. Heide Hagebölling, Christine Bolewski)

GEH MIT DEM TAG, (Soundscape Africa), 2004 (4:48) by M. Kliger, R. Faharani

Music: Martin Kilger. Camera: Frederik Walker.
Southeast of Ghana. A school in the heat of the noon. A frequent spectacle can be observed: marching and drumming schoolchildren celebrate their day in organized and choreographed formations and strucured patterns. “Walk with the Day” is one of fourteen videoclips of the DVD “Soundcape Africa”, written, composed and filmed in Ghana and Germany by Martin Kilger. Produced for TV music channels and life performances. Several concerts. www.soundscaper.de
(Tutor/adviser: Prof. Heide Hagebölling)

MOVE (3:11) by Sven Harguth

A dancer moves, jumps, crawls and aiscovers the imaginative world of the artist and filmmaker. Both the visual stage and the dance are part of a new composition between physical and artificial world. A choreography for dance in virtual space. The video received several international awards and acknowledegments.
(Tutor/adviser: Prof. Heide Hagebölling)

UNDERWATERSKY, 2006 (4:12) by Meike Fehre

Dancers: Lucy Scherer, Rick Kam, Rul5en Reniers.
Musik: Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Denis
3 dancers in a state of suspense. Their bodies are floating and flying in a phantastic space: the sky under water. Time, space, gravitation, movements and gestures are slowed down. They seem to follow dreamlike rules leaving behind the hectic conditions of everyday life. A poetic audiovisual choreography.
(Tutor/adviser: Prof. Heide Hagebölling, in cooperation with the Aquarius Wassermuseum)

GIZEM (MYSTERIOUS), 2006 (4:40) by O.O.Özbanazi

Music: Tosca- Pearl in Tosca- Suzuki
Tanz: Gizem Erden, Choreography: Binnaz Dorkip
A choreography for image and body. The movements of a young dancer are segementized and visually transformed into a canon of artificial gestures. Body language, visual style and rhythm generate irritations: the body shifts between natural actions and synthetic motions.
(Tutor/adviser: Prof. Heide Hagebölling, Frank Horlitz)


Sound: Olaf Geuer.
Staircases are the most frequently played rhythm instruments. Olaf Geuer, video artist and musician, plays them perfectly and develops a choreography of sound, rhythm, movement and medial space. He lost his favourite shoes. Award winning musicclip, internationally screened.
(Tutor/adviser: Prof. Heide Hagebölling, Christine Bolewski)